1. Karen Gwyer
    Berlin, Germany
  2. Semtek
    London, UK
  3. Differ-ent
    Detroit, Michigan
  4. MGUN
    Detroit, Michigan
  5. Halvtrak
    Tampere, Finland
  6. Neville Watson
    London, UK
  7. rRoxymore
    Berlin, Germany
  8. Samrai
    Manchester, UK
  9. The Room Below
  10. D-Malice
  11. Ben Cohen
  12. Typesun
    Bristol, UK
  13. Kelpe
    London, UK
  14. CEOL
    Glasgow, UK
  15. Farah
  16. Kemback
    Berlin, Germany
  17. Lily
  18. Jason Fine
  19. Achim Maerz
    Hamburg, Germany
  20. Ikonika
    London, UK


Don't Be Afraid UK

Founded in 2010, Don’t Be Afraid has evolved from it’s humble beginnings to become a vital and consistent outpost for underground techno, house and experimentally edged electronic music. Originally a simple outpost for founder Benjamin Roth to release his productions as Semtek, the label now boasts an international roster of acclaimed artists including Karen Gwyer, Differ-ent, rRoxymore and MGUN. ... more

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